a few words about us


Big, little or in between?

The company’s owner, David Sharp, saw years ago that there was an unnecessary division between the companies that traditionally provide local, on demand and regular routed small package deliveries in Louisville and those companies that provide local and long distance expedited freight up to 14K lbs., local cartage and warehousing services. It was the belief that not only was it possible to widen the range of services to include both larger freight and small package, big box and little box services if you will, along with warehousing and inventory management, but that they were perfectly complimentary. By being more of both we could offer customers a greater range of services, and therefore flexibility which translates into greater productivity and or cost savings, using the same equipment.

Locally owned and operated Northstar Courier knows the region, the state and its customers well and is committed to providing them with the best in delivery, expedited freight and supply chain services in Louisville and the surrounding area.  Our employees and partners are highly professional, from our personable and professional account managers to our TSA, Data Security and Bio-hazard trained drivers with uniforms and IDs.

 Big Box:

 Have the tail end remainder of a production run that couldn’t be completed in time to fill your truck before its scheduled departure to your “just on time” customer? Then call us and will get the last few containers or pallets delivered right behind them as soon as you are ready?

 Bigger Box:

 Do you need to expand your storage capacity or stage parts and supplies in the region? Our warehouse and pick & pack services along with delivery services may be a perfect fit for your company’s need. Get customized inventory and tracking reports or any personalized considerations your company may need.

 Little Box:

 You’re a parts house like an electrical supplier and have delivery routes and or same day on demand orders you need to get to your customer’s stores. We may be able to save you significant costs over your current express and/or distribution method. And we always make a great back up plan allowing you to be nimble and more flexible when servicing your client.  

 Or a new contract comes your way and now your lab has expanded its service area and it’s time for celebration. Put your mind at ease when contemplating just how you will expand your infrastructure to move time and temperature sensitive specimens from your client’s practices to your lab three states over.  

 More than just a courier company we’re logistics. Where you want it. When you want it. How you want to get it there. Northstar Courier and Logistics has the right size vehicle and the right size fleet to serve you.